I finally did it!  I decided to get my private pilot license.

Today was my first lesson w/ my CFI Mats.   We went thru pre-flight, and then he did all the radio communications while I did taxi, take-off, climb, and basic maneuvers, including slow speed.  I understand now how to slow down a plane; idea is to bring up the nose to slow down.  Best of this lesson was I did the landing (with a lot of help from him) and it was amazing to see the runway start small and then get bigger and bigger and bigger, finally feeling the tires grabbing the runway.

Mats is very good teacher, he lets me do almost everything, while explaining how it works and what I should do.   I am lucky to have him (thanks Joe).  (Mats reminds me my model airplane teacher Chuck who taught me how to fly model airplanes).

Homework: listen to ATC on the phone.