Well, two suprises for today:

  • When I picked up my daughter from school yesterday, she surprised me by saying ‘VFR daddy’.  I asked her what’s going on.  It turns out she had an exam at school about Venice, Florence, and Rome.  To make it easy to remember, she looked up online for an acronym and found out VFR 🙂

Well, where is the surprise you might be asking.

  • Your captain speaking…. I soloooeeeddddd  todayyy…  I did 3 take off and landings by myself.  Hurraaayyy.

Frankly, I didn’t realize the passenger seat was empty till I parked the plane back at the school.  Then it hit me I flew a plane by myself from take off to landings 🙂

I was wondering when is the right time to solo and frankly today was the perfect day.  Weather was kind of calm, I was top notch, calm and was ahead of myself.  My three landings were perfect (ahemm).  Can’t ask for a better day than this.

I have to thank my instructor Mats for bringing me to this level and then trusting me that I’ll be fine.  When I look back, I can connect the dots on what he showed me and why in the specific order he did that.

What’s next?  Well, I need to do more solo flights, especially going away from the airport a little bit and then coming back for landing.  Also I need to start cross-country flights, which means I need to fly to an airport at least 50nm far away.  That should be fun.

If you are a student pilot, all I can say is you will solo at the right time.  don’t worry about it.