Weather finally started to play nice and I was able to get flights scheduled.  Last Saturday was a nice day between rainy Friday and Sunday.   We started at 730am and got almost 3hrs of flight squeezed in.  (ouch says my wallet).

Early on I did a solo flight to the practice area, did some shallow turns, and then came back to Hayward.  After touch down, I did enough pattern work to get total 1hr solo flight.  I appreciate taxpayers, because for about 30 minutes I got the whole Hayward Airport to myself 🙂

After that, we did our first cross country flight, to San Carlos (KSQL).  Oh boy, it was very busy.  We had to wait about 5 minutes around a sunken ship first, then got clearance to enter traffic pattern.  As we taxied back, at some point there were almost 10 planes on the ground waiting to take off and another 5 in the air to land.  We did a short-field take off (San Carlos has a short runway) and flew over the Oracle buildings.  Oracle buildings look nice from top.  One of these days I need to setup my garmin camera so I can show you the view.

Next destination is Modesto!   about 56 nm direct but there is a high mountain in between, so I think we have to go around a little bit.